5 Little-Known Benefits of Massage Therapy

We know that massages feel good. Nothing helps with aches and tension like a visit to your local massage therapist. But how many of us are aware of all the actual benefits of regular massage therapy? Take a look at some lesser-known side effects of massage therapy.

1. Massage therapy eases chronic pain.

It’s true. Studies have shown that regular massage therapy reduces chronic pain. Their ability to treat chronic pain lives right up there alongside medication, acupuncture, and exercise. Bare-handed massages have even been recognized to stimulate the same part of the brain that is activated by opioid painkillers.

Headache sufferers have found relief in regular trips to their massage therapist. The tension in the neck, restricting blood flow to the brain, has been documented as a main cause of headaches. Your massage therapist will be able to alleviate that tension, and thus turn your headache into, wait, what a headache?

2. Massage therapy boosts immunity.

We’ve already discussed that massage therapy has the ability to increase blood flow. But I bet you didn’t know that it actually has the ability to change your blood’s composition. Regular massage therapy stimulates white blood cell production, which in turn makes your body better at fighting off germs and infections. Massage therapy also plays a role in increasing blood proteins that protect your body from tumors, viral infections, and other nasty pathogens.

3. Massage therapy reduces cellulite.

During a massage therapy session, the toxins that cause cellulite are given an eviction notice by your kidneys and your liver. Consider a weekly massage therapy session to cleanse your body of toxins and make room for nutrients!

4. Massage therapy helps your workout.

You’re going to look at me like I have three heads if I tell you to go for a massage before your next workout. But we aren’t nuts! I promise. Warming up your muscles in a massage therapy session before hitting the gym will help to loosen them without straining any soft tissue. Going into a workout with muscle soreness will add extra resistance to your session, and not in a good way.

5. Massage therapy contributes to restful sleep.

Sleepless nights? No more. Massage therapy increases the production of delta waves in your brain, which in turn contribute to you getting a restful night’s sleep.

Whatever your reason for wanting to check out massage therapy, we are ready to help you start your journey, stop by today and see what we can do for you!

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