Daily Exercise for Improved Cognitive Functions

Improved physical health is an obvious benefit to daily exercise. We’ve been told that over and over again from our first elementary school P.E. teacher to our family doctor, every time we walk in for our annual checkup. But how many of us are aware of the abundant mental and emotional benefits of daily exercise? […]

5 Little-Known Benefits of Massage Therapy

We know that massages feel good. Nothing helps with aches and tension like a visit to your local massage therapist. But how many of us are aware of all the actual benefits of regular massage therapy? Take a look at some lesser-known side effects of massage therapy. 1. Massage therapy eases chronic pain. It’s true. […]

How You Can Benefit From Group Fitness

Have you ever found yourself starting a new workout routine, just to lose interest within a few days or a couple of weeks? Has your daily run turned into more of a dreaded obligation than an exhilarating jump-start to your morning? The answer to your workout woes is staring you straight in the eye, challenging […]

The Secret to Building Muscle on a Vegetarian Diet

It may seem unlikely, or even impossible, but you can build muscle on a vegan diet. Just ask Ed Bauer! All it takes is some careful balance and dedication. Here are the three secrets to building muscle on a vegan diet. Shake it up! Adding a scoop of protein powder to your water adds 20 […]