How You Can Benefit From Group Fitness

Have you ever found yourself starting a new workout routine, just to lose interest within a few days or a couple of weeks? Has your daily run turned into more of a dreaded obligation than an exhilarating jump-start to your morning? The answer to your workout woes is staring you straight in the eye, challenging you to take a step up for your health.

For newcomers, group fitness classes can seem intimidating. Once you’ve been to a couple though, we can guarantee that the many benefits of group exercise classes will keep you coming back for more. For starters, accountability is a huge benefit to not working out alone. You can make promise after promise to yourself to run that mile before work every morning, just to break that promise as soon as your alarm goes off at 5:00 am. Having your own community of people looking out for you and keeping you motivated to smash your goals makes you all that much more accountable to yourself, your health, and your support squad.

Structure is also a big plus to joining a group exercise class. Your workout moves from “sometime this week” to “Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 pm”. This is where that accountability comes back into play. Having specific times set aside for your workout is like booking a date with yourself. You wouldn’t break a date with anyone else, so why cancel on yourself? Structure within the class itself is a major bonus as well. With someone else planning out your warm-up, workout and cool down for you, all you need to do it show up.

Finally, variety might be the greatest motivation for most people to sign up for a group fitness class. Most gyms offer a variety of classes, from Yoga to Zumba to Pilates and indoor cycling. Variety is the spice of life! Embrace it! You will never be bored with your workout again.

When you’ve joined a group exercise class, you have the benefit of an entire support team helping you to succeed, but you also have the support of a trained instructor monitoring your every move and pin-pointing problem areas in your techniques. Receiving the one-on-one attention from a trained professional within a class setting may be the greatest benefit of all. At Full Force Fitness we have professionally trained instructors guiding every class and helping you to succeed on your fitness journey, every step of the way. What’s holding you up? Check out one of our many classes today!

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