Dustin Cosman

Head Coach

I started my body building journey at a later age of 27 years old.  My mid and early 20’s were not the healthiest years of my life.  I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that body building and fitness has  changed my life for the better.  For the first time, I felt that I found my passion that allowed me to feel good about getting up everyday with a vision and bright future in front of me.

I entered my first competition at 27 when I competed in the Alberta Muscle Beach Fall Classic.  I entered this show as a Light Weight which in the body building world is the second smallest athlete on the stage.  I went on to win first place in my weight class and even better yet, first place over all winning over a very competitive heavy weight and super heavy weight athletes.

This substantial win gave me an enormous boost of self esteem.

After that, I went on to win first place as a Light Weight in all of Alberta.  From there, I went onto Canadians Championships where I lost by one point as a Welter Weight taking home second place in all of Canada.

At this point, I had many friends asking me questions and becoming more curious about the sport.  I found myself helping others inside and outside of the gym with any knowledge I could share.  I really enjoyed how people would come back to tell me how they applied the information I gave them to their training and the significant differences it made in reaching their goals.

I then decided to train a few dedicated and deserving friends for their first competitions at no charge; just for the joy of allowing them to experience the amazing feeling I had when I competed at my first competition.  Sure enough, they did just as well as I did by winning titles of their own.  The feeling was both overwhelming and amazing.  That was when I realized that I wanted to take this on full time and fully commit myself to helping others achieve their goals in health and fitness.  At the time, I was working as a red sealed certified crane operator.  Being a crane operator was an amazing job that came with a great pay, so this was a huge decision.  I still remember clear as day when I walked up and told my boss that I’m leaving the company to help people with nutrition and body building.  It sounded crazy at the time, but in retrospect, I see it now as the best decision I ever made.

My forth competition was after that, in 2013.  It was my second run at the Canadian Welter Weight National Title.  This time around, I had more fire behind me.  I had the full support of my amazing team to fuel me on.  On July 6, 2013, I traveled to Halifax, Nova Scotia and was successful in winning the Canadian Body Building Welter Weight Title. This win was for both myself and my team.

In 2015 the Body Building Championships were held in Edmonton, the city in which Full Force Fitness is based out of.  This was an amazing day as my team was able to watch me win the Light Middle Weight Championship of Canada.  My second National title to date.

This team initially started from helping two athletes in the Northern’s Alberta 2013 show. It has since grown rapidly and has had more success than I could ever have dream of.  We have currently won a total of:

116 Top 5 titles 

36 First place titles 

10 Over All titles 

Those numbers speak for themselves, but to sum it up, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve found my gift in what I do best.  I would be very pleased and honored to help anyone interested in joining our team, whether it be a goal to winning competitions as I have, or just living a healthier and more fit lifestyle while maintaining a lean and attractive physique day to day.  Thank you for your time in learning about my passion in bodybuilding.  Please contact me for any questions you might have in signing up.

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