Before I met Dustin I thought I was in the best shape I’ve ever been. It was probably true at the time, but no where near where I could have been. I thought I knew it all when it came to working out. Little did I know!!! Dustin approached me in March at an event and started pinching my fat. We knew each other previous but never really hung out. He asked me, “Freddie, why don’t you do a show?”. I responded, “ Oh ya, I’d love too” and that was that! We carried on with our night and a month later, I received a text from Dustin asking me again if I would like to do Muscle Beach in October. I immediately said "yes sure, I’ll give it a go why not". Dustin’s famous words to me before I started was “if you can commit to me I can guarantee your results”. Well let me tell you, that’s no lie! Dustin helped me to reach my full potential bringing me to the next level with my body. I achieved such a huge transformation that it blew my mind! As a coach, he was always available when I needed him. Dustin isn’t one of these money grabbing coaches. Dustin is a kind man who cares for every one of his clients and treats everyone fairly. I went from your local “know it all” gym rat to placing second at Muscle Beach Fall Classic!!! I would highly recommend Dustin and his Full Force Fitness team to anyone looking to reach their next level. Dustin and his team truly changed my life. Not only have I gained many friends from this experience and and became part of the team, I’m also much closer with Dustin who I can easily call one of my best friends. Thank you so much Dustin and Full Force Fitness!!! Let’s kill 2014!!