Dustin is an inspirational coach.  He is competent, knowledgeable and encouraging.  He is passionate about his work as I am about training.  He told me to come in for a consult. I accepted.  One year later, Dustin has become one of my closest friends.  A few weeks after we began, he started learning all about my life, and I learned about his.
My journey with Dustin and the Full Force Fitness team has set me on the road to success on all aspects of training, posing, nutrition and competition preparation.

In a nutshell: when you train with Dustin, your success are his mandate and promise.  If you are prepared to take his lead and put in the hard work, your transformation will be remarkable.
When you work Dustin and FFF you will experience training techniques that are customized and individualized just for you.  No cookie cutter meal plans or workouts!

Dustin will take your fitness goals to a whole new dimension.
I highly recommend Dustin as a trainer to anyone who is thinking of competing.  I am currently working with Dustin in the off season to improve my physique so I can become more competitive.  Dustin is continually challenging me to become the best that I can be!! He’s a top-notch trainer but just as much — if not more — I appreciate his friendship.  He’s taught me things about life and not just lifting.