I am 23 years old, a mother of two, and after the birth of my second daughter I was determined to compete in my first Fitness competition before she turned one.  I knew it would be a struggle as I lacked self-confidence with a post baby body and lacked the knowledge of the fitness/nutrition world.  I felt extremely lost and doubtful of my goal. After doing a lot of searching, I found Dustin Cosman with Full Force Fitness.  Reading his client’s testimonials and his wonderful training package’s, he appeared to be the trainer and nutritionist I required to succeed… and I was right.  I believe that being a part of the Full Force Fitness team was the fundamentals to my success.  Dustin is very passionate about fitness and always sees the best in his clients even when you can’t see it.  I hit some low points during my training and Dustin was always there to pick me up with many words of encouragement and faith.  Dustin has been 110% attentive to me at every moment during my preparation and even after my competition.  Along the way, I had the privilege of meeting fellow FFF team mates.  Everyone is encouraging and friendly because of their great success.  I feel I have gained a whole new fitness family.

Dustin and his clients are proof of the successful foundation Dustin works upon.  With his professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work, clients and FFF Family, I can say Dustin and his team are a major reason I was able to successfully reach my goals.