I've been a member of the Full Force Fitness team since August. In the past few months since becoming a member, I have become a better athlete, as well as a better person. Dustin has shown me that if you commit to a program and stay focused, any goal is attainable.  His training regiment and nutrition plan will make will make you both physically and emotionally stronger; not to mention an all around healthier individual.  This is my first year competing and thanks to Dustin Cosman, ( head coach) I have reached one of my goals in winning a fitness competition.  (Keane Classic 2013 Male First Overall Athlete as well as First place Muscle Model) The journey is far from over and I have goals I have yet to reach.  I am very confidant that with the help of my coach and friend Dustin Cosman, as well as the Full Force Fitness team who are so supportive, I will not only reach my goals but surpass them.

If I could offer some advice to any new member or someone who is considering joining Full Force Fitness, give 100% trust to the program and follow it to the letter and you will reach whatever goals you may have set for yourself.