Before joining Full Force Fitness Canada I was always an active and healthy person but had a fitness goal for the year that I hadn’t figured out how I was going to achieve.  After Dustin approached me to compete as a Bikini athlete, I decided this was the path that would lead me to achieving my goal.  Dustin tailored my workout and nutrition plan to suit me and changed it accordingly to how my body was reacting.  This is really important because everyone reacts differently based on their body composition and metabolism.  Not only did Dustin’s nutrition and workout plan work towards achieving my fitness goal, it taught me more about myself along the way.  Juggling school, life and an extensive workout plan calls for the finest time management skills and training yourself to be highly efficient at each task.  Dustin was also there for me via text/calling if I had a question or concern at any time and was also very supportive.  I highly recommend Dustin and the Full Force team to anyone just starting out or an experienced gym goer.  He will teach you how proper technique and exact calculation of diet macros can lead to overall success! Thanks again Dustin!