Contest Prep


I will create a plan tailored to body builders, physique competitors, bikini competitors, figure competitors and anyone looking to improve their over all day to day physique.

This package includes 

  • Initial one-on-one consultation
  • Cardio and weight training routines tailored  specifically to the athletes needs and goals.
  • Weekly adjustments to ensure progression
  • Nutrition program to reduce body fat and bring you to stage ready condition using weekly adjustments
  • Final week dial in plan including daily and hourly schedule on nutrition/water depletion/fat loading/ carb loading
  • Supplement and vitamin plan to ensure proper nutrition while on calorie reduced diet
  • Fat burning supplement program
  • Critique on pictures and posing weekly
  • 3 in-person classes to ensure progress, educate client on any questions you may have and work on posing skills and stage presence
  • I will give you any and all  information REQUIRED to be ready for the stage or your special day
  • Example: hair and make up referrals, all items needed for show day and where to find them, spray tan referrals, by the hour food and nutrition plan leading into show day, posing trunk tailors and bikini alteration/tailor referrals
  • Referrals to discounted professional photo shoots
  • Post contest care plan.  This ensures you do not gain excess water and fat cells and THAT you return to your normal, and in most cases, better physique then before you STARTED the contest prep.
  • Unlimited text messaging to track and monitor your progress, and to answer  any questions you may have to ensure you are WELL  taken care of on your journey to the stage

Total $1,150