Floriane Paccoud

Experience:PT specialist - Canfitpro

Floriane Paccoud

Personal Trainer


Floriane has been a personal trainer for 2 and a half years, specializing in helping people with weight loss and muscle/strength building goals. She takes a holistic approach when it comes to her clients, focusing on achieving wellness in all areas of life such as the mind, body and overall well-being. Her goal with each one of her clients is to help them reach their full potential in each of these areas and live an extremely enriched quality of life.

Having struggled with being overweight, she knows first hand how hard it may seem to get started. From this stemmed her passion for personal training and helping others be able to accomplish the same goals and feel the level of empowerment that comes along with it. Tailoring her training techniques to each client’s individual need, Floriane is able to deliver consistent and sustainable results. Living a healthy lifestyle, while experiencing true body confidence are some of the key outcomes that she aspires to achieve with each of her clients. When Floriane is not in the gym, she loves to meditate and read as much as she is able to in her free time.